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Most dogs only bite people when they feel threatened or scared, and they usually do so only after sending clear warning signals. Unfortunately, some dogs are more aggressive and might not send warning signals at all. Regardless of the situation, a dog owner is responsible for making sure their dog isn't left in a position to cause a dog bite injury.

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5 steps to take after being bitten by a dog

Getting bitten by a dog is a frightening experience, especially if the dog bite causes serious injury. After the attack, you should:

1. Seek medical care, especially for puncture wounds.
2. Exchange information with the dog's owner. If you don't know where the dog came from, write down the details of the attack, including the time, date and appearance of the dog.
3. Speak with any witnesses in the area and write down their accounts of the attack.
4. Contact your local animal control agency and file a report about the attack.
5. Document your expenses and hire a dog bite attorney to discuss your legal options.

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